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An application with game and virus mechanics using virtual spaces and artificial intelligence


The application is part of the NFT Moon Metaverse ecosystem, which combines:

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Virtual Space App
Virtual Space App
Токен NTMi
Virtual Space app Telegram

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Application development is in progress, but in the meantime you can get rewards in the bot

Токен NTMi

What is the App Virtual Space?

Telegram application with viral and game mechanics using virtual spaces and AI


For players

For business

For bloggers and influencers


Developed by Telegram

TON is developed by the Telegram team and integrated into Telegram

Lightning-fast work

TON is lightning fast and can handle a large number of users

High security

TON is the top-chain with high security of assets and data

Low fees

It has low fees on any transaction

User-friendly interfaces

They are intuitive, predictable, minimalistic and fast to load

We love what TON does

TON leads us into the future


$NTMi This is a game token of the virtual space ecosystem, which is built on the TON blockchain. It serves as the basis for the development of Virtual Space Dapp, promotion and payments within the system, and will also be used in other products of the Virtual Space application ecosystem

We are starting the SEED round. Do you want to get a token 5 times cheaper than the next stage?Write and we will tell you the terms and benefits


And 5 more people in the technical team


And 5 more people in the technical team

We have prepared an investment presentation (Pitch Deck) especially for investors

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