We are launching our new competition.
Invite your friends, earn points and get prizes!

All referrals that you have invited at the moment are not counted.

The type of your referral’s account (premium or not) will not affect the result.
Only the number of invited friends is important.

 Only level 1 referrals (those who were invited by you) are counted.

Every day on our forum in the chat of the Referral Contest we will publish screenshots from the leaderboard.
In it, you will be able to track a list of 30 leaders.

You must have @username specified in your Telegram profile, otherwise we will not be able to identify your account.

There will be 30 winners in total:

– Places from 1 to 3: NFT Prestige category.
– Place from 4 to 10: NFT Vip category.
– Place from 11 to 20: NFT Elite category.
– Place from 21 to 30: NFT Standard category.

🔔 Start: right now
End date: June 29th.

Why is it Important to have an NFT Virtual Space App Location?
This will allow you to get more boosts in the next stage, auto farms without frequently logging into the application, opening more cells (hexagons), increasing the level,
➡️Get more coins.